Salam. Thank you for mentioning the Homosexuality in Islam ebook, because now I've just downloaded it in the hopes it will make me worry less.

wasalamsss! oh my gosh, I’m so happy! it’s seriously amazing. I didn’t expect something so good. it kind of kicks off a little slow, talking about what he plans to do in the book, and just talks about dominant thoughts of muslims against gayness, but yeah, he deconstructs it all in the least aggressive way. all the hurt and worry of “if I don’t change something as *small* as sexuality for my god, does this mean I’m a bad muslim?” thoughts just GO OUT THE WINDOW and you’re just staring at the words and ugh it’s a magical freeing feeling. you really FEEL the happiness when saying alhamdulillah heh. insha’Allah read slowly and BREATHE IT ALL IN, you’re normal and Allah is not leading you astray and waiting to burn you in Jahannam or some bullsh_t, you’re amazing, you’re not perverted. they are oppressors who’ve hijacked theirs and our religion. inshaAllah you’ll take it back and you’ll be helped and insha’Allah tell me how it goes, on anon or (pls) not anonymous. mashAllah, I am proud. :”)

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